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  1. There is only 1 instance running. I did do a WHOIS on the IP even though im not sure what a WHOIS really does but it gave me the location of the place and a website and a bunch of other info i don't really understand. it's anywhere from korea to russia to colorado. but heres the problem at any one time theres anyhwere from 3-35 IP's that services.exe is connecting too. I'm not sure what you mean by TCP packets or how to tell what protocol im seeing. i can tell you however that within 2 hrs services.exe has recieve 8,000 kb and sent 20,000 and it they increases anyhwere from .5-3 kb each secon
  2. For the past week now there has always been something constantly downloading/uploading on my computer. After a few virus scans using AVG and Spybot I removed some things but still couldn't fix the problem. I also took a look at a few hijackthis logs before and after the virus scans but i couldn't find anything that really stood out (i'm no pro but I can sometimes figure out whats going on, what should be there and what shouldn't) I just today downloaded a "bandwith watcher" called Netlimiter 2. it shows you what programs are using the internet to download and upload and at what speeds. I found