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  1. K well i did what u said marty and it did not work i dont know what to do. Well thanks for all of your help and i guess i will have to buy a new graphics card or something.
  2. I found the driver to install because it was uninstalled and yes it said nvidia geforce 5500 after i installed it but yea still no effect the problems only happen when i play world of warcraft by the way
  3. 1.No 2. there wasnt one but i found it and in and installed it but it still has no effect my computer still says that there is an error
  4. well i uninstalled my drivers but the one u linked me it says i already have it on my comp?? i dont get it
  5. wow i feel so stupid i cant find it to download its not on my tool bar with new hardware sorry
  6. ok well i am in the process of installing it and it says that it did not pass the windows logo test so i stoped installing it
  7. ok i rebooted my comp and it poped up so should i re-install it?
  8. OK it worked i uninstalled it so wut is next?
  9. hey marty I followed ur instructions but had a problem I could not clck apply after I unchecked automatic restarts and nothing was on my toolbar fot the hardware device manager
  10. Im sorry can u explain a little better i dont understand wut to do. im sorry to bother you
  11. OK i uninstalled my drivers, restarted my comp and re-installed them back in and it still has no effect. Any other help is much appreciated. By the way it is a Gforce 5500
  12. My computer keeps restarting on its own and saying that your display driver is not functioning properly and it restarts my computer. The is said to dowload the lastest display driver and I did but it had no effect. Help...
  13. Yesterday, when I was playing the game World of Warcraft my computer kept restarting itself and saying there is an error with my display driver. It says my display driver is not functioning properly and had to automatically restart, or it freezes my comp and I am forced to restart my computer anyways. (P.S. I was referred by Potato2k4 and he is the coolest guy ever!)