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  1. Logically, the odds are 50-50. Since I'm not going to take any chances, I'd rather fold. But that's not always true. For example, a couple of months ago, we went into a casin, and he was faced with the same situation as you at some point. I told him to fold his hands, but he didn't listen and kept playing. As a result, he won a fortune and tripled his winnings. After that, I concluded that in a situation where the odds are 50/50, there is no right answer because it doesn't depend on you and your ability to play poker. So you must listen to your heart and do what your brain tells you to do.
  2. In my opinion, crypto winter will last until 2024. So I am not selling any of the cryptocurrencies yet and waiting. I will not explain why because everyone's opinion is different. I started to play casino now. Casino, like trading, is a risky business. Because it is dangerous, people can make good money very quickly. I can make as much money in a successful week of casino play as I made in a month at my last job. I often play at different sites because I think I can make more money. Every time I choose a new casino here. It really helps me to increase my income.