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  1. I recently have taken a video with my new camcorder, but upon playback it is very hard to make out what the people in the video are saying because of background noise. I was wondering if there was any program that could boost the audio of the people talking or decrease the background noise? Thanks
  2. It seems like most of you think I need a new graphics card, so I'll pick up a decent one online (I'm not a gamer). Marty - I can't set my refresh rate to anything higher than 75hertz. Also, my resolution was 600x800 since I bought the computer, which includes the time when I noticed the poor display. Thanks for all the help, Mike
  3. sorry for not being more descriptive.. i was sorta in a rush. anyway, here are the answers: NVIDA Geforece2 MX I tried mulitple resolutions: normally i keep it at 600 x 800, and i tried it at 1024 x 1280 because thats what the monitor instructions said Monitor refresh rate is 75hertz I have Windows XP on a Dell Dimension 8100 As for the linux, i gave it a try with Knoppix, and the display was the same... thanks, mike
  4. Recently my computer's display became fuzzy with weird colors and dark bars across the screen... immediately i thought the monitor was dead, so i went out and purchased a new monitor. I received the monitor today, hooked it up, and found the same display problems as my old monitor... i was wondering if this could be a graphics card problem, or any other type of problem? Any information or help diagnosing would be greatly appreciated! thanks, mike