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  1. Well i am still in the plaing stages, WHy dont you take my paint and use green or something and draw where you would but the speackers. I dont know how many speackers i need you tell me. I will mesure the room soon it is a large room about the hole half of the basment.
  2. I missed read up there, Sounds like you guys have a sweet setup
  3. Hum thank you for posting! It seems ever one has that problem
  4. Why would you want head phones! Dont you like when you are divring down the street with the bass pumping!!!!
  5. Allright got to run to class now, i wil check them at lunch time!
  6. Allright, I can get this guy to install it for me i baby sit for him so ya and he is a freind of my sises!
  7. HEy guys and glas what other modiling sites do you use other than this one of cource?
  8. Allright I will go to cricuit city or audio warehouse, What do you guys have for a set up in your car?
  9. It will be a good do it your self project... I might just get the machanic to install the stero and the speakers, but I will twek it to fit my needs..... What kind of stero would you sugest i get along with some speakers? I want bass and good sound. Limit is i dont know what did you guys spend on your audio systems in your cars?
  10. Ok this proply will not be a brand new car!! ANd i will have to see if i will replace the whole sound syetem in it or what, i know a car machanic that will do it for me for a cheap price! I like the sunfires but i dont really care what i drive as long as it gose and is nice to look at. Hum what else
  11. No one is posting! Jk lol Take your time!
  12. Y not find a board that will work with the ram you all ready have!! Saves money and headache
  13. Ok, Bubba i do not have a car yet but I do have my license, turning 16 in may. I want a sunfire. But i will be putting my own stero in it. Do you just want to know about what car i drive or is there some special stero you can get for that perticular car? And i do not have the radio, or stero yet that is what I am asking you for, what kind to get.. Anything eles?
  14. Hello all out there! Iam Back after a few weeks of not posting! NEw problem is that I am moving down intothe basement of my granies house witch is about 30 feet away from teh one that me and my parents are living in right now. THe reson that i am moving down there is because I can no longer stand my parents. LOL. So the propblem: I want to set up a suround sound sytem down there. There is one large room with a tv (that has to replaced) Any suggestions on a TV that is only about 200-250 doolors perferable LCD and Flat screen so there is no big bulcky tv down there ! Then there is another
  15. icic i will do that, how do you know that the disk are the new version it dosent say!!
  16. How far is the range there robroy? Will check ebay. what is your user name on ebay and i might buy somethings from you!!!
  17. Allright /me sits and waits shoot mIRC commands dont work here lol jk have you ordered from them hitest? I see that you are form canada too, nice to see some one other than me here lol
  18. New egg is getting shipping to canada YA Cant wait they seem chepper U guys have baought off of here before right so that they are ligit right?
  19. New egg is getting shipping to canada YA Cant wait they seem chepper
  20. HEy guys and gals how long did it take for you to get the free cd;s off of this site Free Ubuntu CDs i put my order in... What kind of linux should i use?? What wouyld you sugest?
  21. Hello all iam from canada and i want to buy some hardwear off the net but.. Neweeg is not getting postal service in to canada ontil next few months, I have not check if triger direct ships to canada. If any one knows of one that will ship into canada that is great i dont want to use ebay not yet anyhow...
  22. Ebay?? IS that really relyable i dont think so, have you boaught electronic parts off there before?
  23. Why should i give it a sound when I hit it, it dosent even do anything!! It is like dead now !!!!