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  1. Hurry man i really need this for a weading next weekend
  2. iam planing on plugging them in to a normal wal plug if that is posible
  3. What the leds or what i am a tad confussed
  4. The leds can satand 3 volts each, what are you telling me to read??
  5. Hello i have etched glass and now i want to put leds in the background of the piocture frames. I need to know how to hook the leds circuit up to a normal plug in, so that they dont have to run of batteries. i have an ac ac adaptor it says direct plug in class 2 transformer model 28 - a09- 200, input ac 120v 60Hz 3 w , output ac 9V 200mA and it looks like this http://www.montek.com/cart/files/thumbs/t_27547.jpg so i think the out put would be 9v right so what kind of resitor would i need for by project it will have like almost 20 leds all hooked together so any help wopuld be great and could
  6. Thanks anything elles, Have you heard of a grounded scew driver?/
  7. Like tools for working on small electrons and like some esidental wireing (learnt in school) stuff like that o ya and some on computers but that would fall under electronics. Is that more clear
  8. Any one can answer lol just getting into the hobbie
  9. Hello all: I am just wondering you people still on dial up (hum now that i type that i dont think that there are too many still stuck with dial up) OOk here is the problem (well not really a prob... But whatever) How many of you run your phone coard throught the surge protector? I am right now. I have just moved like 300 feet from my old house to this new one. I used to get 40 Kbps and now i only get 16Kbps so that sucks.. Have any of yous herad of a surge over a phone line I have not. Davis
  10. So for the late replay I have been very busy these last days bozodog those are the ones iam using Thanks for the replays guys
  11. lol that is done a long time ago and yes i know i am a horriable speeller but whaterver i got to go to bed it is 12:44 here i am falling asleep as i type this
  12. Dose any one know where some free drafinting and/or landscapping softwear is. I dont need nothing to fansy. Just somethign to design a house with, and yard.
  13. I am notr going to school for that. I had to fix some pics for school, i ran out of time so i want to do it at home so I downloaded the Gimp that is all. I can afford it i just dont want it. Because in a few months they have a new one out so what is the point!\
  14. Hello all i am new to usign GIMP. I was using ADOBE PHOTOSHOP at school but now I need to desgin something at home and I do not got $500 for adobe. What i need is a list of short cut keys for gimp, how you feather, and where is the eye droper in the gimp. Also how do I get the side bar where it says what layer i am on? Thanks for you help
  15. I like it one question how did you get the bar at top where it says diasble cokies, fourms, images etc. Is that build in to FF
  16. Dose any one have some to send to me, pm, me i will give my email address to you then. Thanks got to run to class, posting from scool.
  17. Found out how to do this. It really helps to read the opperating manual lol
  18. Ook i installed it on my ferkin pc and now i dont know the password so ya! Dose any one know how to use this of a LAN to freez some one else comeputer
  19. Also If i download this program can i use it to frezze some ones pc over a network. That is the rummer going around the school
  20. Thanks guys we have some thing simmialr at are school, it is a main in the but, but we have found a way around it save everythign to Program 35 file.
  21. HAve any of yous heard of this program it is supposed to send your computer in to a deep freez that you can do nothing but turn it off. gtg posting from school
  22. Well that is allright tell thoses ppl to F**** off and leave it alone
  23. after reading that site i have decided to go with a tradional iron and scrap that wireless one. bye got to get to work on the papper
  24. Posting from school, when i am supposed to be doing a reserch pappper on computer vriuse. it was one of the easyist topic out of the list so it is due in like 4 days so i have to get working on it. so i will not be on her for a bit. Ok Thanks for reviewring it tho.