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An 8-year-old boy was riding his bicycle in Starkville, Mississippi,

when he saw his friend being attacked by a large pit bulldog.

The boy jumped off his bike, ran, and jumped on the dog's back.

after prying the vicious animal's teeth from his young friend's body,

put the dog in a choke hold and held on until the dog was dead.

The local newspaper editor happened to witness this feat and

after calling for the ambulance on his cell phone,

ran over to the young hero and said,

"Son, that was one of the bravest things I have ever seen.

You're going to make tomorrow's headlines.

It will read: Mississippi State Fan is Hero;

Risks His Life; Saves Young Friend From Vicious Pit Bull Attack"

The youngster said, "That's nice, but I'm not a Mississippi State Fan".

The editor said, "OK, then it will read: Ole Miss Fan Saves Young Friend's Life in Pit-Bull Attack

The young man said, "But I'm not an Ole Miss fan."

The editor said, "OK, then it will read: Southern Mississippi Fan Saves Friend's Life

Once again the young man interrupted, saying, "I'm not a Southern Mississippi fan, either."

The editor, becoming somewhat irritated, asked,

"Then, who is your favorite team?"

The kid replied with a big smile, "LSU"

The next morning, the local newspaper headlines read:


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