Im Never Using Firefox Again

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I like firefox more because of the extensions it has.

I'm pretty sure theres an extension for every Opera feature.

Besides, Opera reminds of Mac's too much. I don't know why.

Also, uTorrent is an amazing client, and I want my torrent client to be separte from Browser.

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Real player sucks.. now look what they have done..


I never understood the big brouhaha over Firefox. I used it from time to time and usually had to go back to IE due to pages not openeing or missing info when they did.

Have I got the occasional virus? Yeah, once in a blue moon. Then it takes me 10 minutes to remove it.

As for Real, I always can open .rm files with Real Alternative. (Media Player Classic)

Real, is a REAL pain in the A$$.


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Marty extensions are additional features that can be added to the basic ff browser.There are lots of them out there for different purposes, such as tabbed browser or the weather or music to give just a few examples

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Both Firefox and Opera are great browsers. I use both and it really just comes down to personal preference. Some of you just really need to calm the fu** down, it's just a piece of software.

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