The Story Behind A Popular Video Spoof Of 'hips Don't Lie'

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I thought you all might like to read the story behind this popular spoof video of Shakira's hit "Hips Don't Lie".

Originally done for a Spanish class final by some Hood River (East up the Columbia River Gorge from Portland) Oregon kids, but one little brother put it on the Internet for world to watch.

I am singing the dialup blues so haven't been able to watch it.

Here is the Oregonian story, wont last long before it lands in paid archives.

Hood River crew hip-hops to fame

To see the video itself look on this page under More for Wednesday July 26, click on "Clips Don't Lie", again wont be there very long.

To find the Spoof video "Clips Don't Lie"



God bless everyone

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Love the article, leave it to teenaged boys, eh? :D What a neat project--that stuff is what I remember from High School.

Didn't watch the video because all I know about Shakira is that she seems like the "modern day Charo" (and playing web videos scares me a bit!), but I'm betting Countdown on MSNBC will play it--they usually highlight the latest "best of the Web videos" I'm going to have the kids look at the link, though!



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I didn't watch the video on the link either, but did see part of it on the local news...funny funny funny!!! :lol:

I remember hamming it up to songs with my friends at school. :rolleyes:

One sticks in my mind as probably the most ridiculous song ever written, John/Marsha over and over again ad nauseam, so was perfect for clowning with a guy friend also a ham! Sure cracked everyone up with our act!!! Soooooo glad video cameras and camera phones weren't around way back then!!! :rolleyes::rolleyes:


God bless everyone

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