It's Official: "google" Now A Verb

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They (Google) may be tickled now, but protecting a brand name from becoming a household word is important to most large companies. Someone else might use the word google (non-capitalized) for their search feature or, well, anything they want, and will be able to defend it by saying the word is in common useage. They (Google) should re-think letting this happen.

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Exactly....I would think Google would be thrilled! After all, who calls the stuff we blow our noses with "facial tissues"....nope, it's Kleenex!


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I agree. Take xerox for example. Many people use it to mean "copy". (this is one of my pet peves by the way)

However, what can Google do? People are going to use it whether it's correct language or not.

There's a lot they can "do," whether they'll be successful or not isn't clear. McDonald's, Disney and others strenuously defend their copyrights, but sometimes they are made out as evil, greedy monsters for doing so. Google's culture probably wouldn't allow them to do anything that might offend anyone, so someday, Google will almost assuredly become google.

On the subject: When I advise someone to do a web search, I say "Web Search." When I do a web search I say "Web Search" whether I used Google or not. Purely out of respect for their copyright.

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