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ok, rather then throw this into the desktop one, or into my little this and a little that topic, i decided to start a new thread regarding Animated graphics. Whether it's flash or Gifs this is the thread we should throw them in. It seems our Graphic design forum is getting more and more animations then anything else. so without further ado, my latest addition to the animated graphics sector.

The Mountain lake was made with Terregen, PSP9, Animation Shop 3, and Flash.

The Rose was made with PSP9, Animation shop 3, and Flash.

I used flash because it compresses them more than psp will.

I will be making a Tut on how to make the Mountain Lake soon.

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it's a little large, I still have to trim it down, however here is the latest animation I did. If your on dialup please be patient while it loads so you can see it, this thing is approximately 3mb in size.

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