Dvd-rom Stopped Reading Dvd's

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Well like the title says it stopped reading DVD's but it still reads CD-ROM. I was trying to play Colin McRae Rally 2005 but the game told me to insert the disc, well it was in. Well just for the heck of it, I put in a movie and it couldn't read it either. What would cause this.

By the way it's on my Compaq the drive is a Samsung DVD-ROM SD-616Q

By the way my CD-RW has a strange prob where I have to try a few times before it'll open when there is no disc, it opens fine when there is a disc though. No biggy just slightly annoying.

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I've even updated the firmware. But would it still be able to read cd-rom and audio cds?

I know that drives use different lasers to burn discs then they do to read - maybe it is like that for dvd's o your's

In the past I've seen a dvd burner drive that read and burnt everything except it could not see data CD's - it took a reload to fix it... good luck

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well I've fixed it. I replaced it with a Lite-On from Walmart. Even the autoplay works correctly unlike the one I bought for the main computer. i think that is an OS prob. Also remeber the CD-RW drive prob with it not opening right. well I moved it to the bottom and put the new DVD-ROM on top. Now the CD-RW has now probs opening. Go figure.

* scratch the part about the CD-RW it just doesn't have quite as much trouble but still jams a little.

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in regards to the cd-rw drive, it sounds like there might be a little dust buildup on the gears inside. that is usually what causes that. take a can of compressed air and blow it out when it's open, see if that helps.

if not then it could be a lubrication problem. which it would then be best just to replace the cd-rw drive.

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then your problem is lubrication related. dust built up on it, and now the gears can't engage properly to open it on the first run. If you have pets, or dont' dust very frequently, that happens quite often. I have gone through 3 cd-rw's on my machine in the last 7 years because of that issue. Dang dog.

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