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Ugh, I just inherited this mess of a website from a freelancer who went AWOL. Everything is disorganized, files are scattered everywhere, and uploading new content is a nightmare with the built-in Mac file transfer. I need an FTP app for Mac that can handle some serious file wrangling, but also be user-friendly for someone who isn't a coding whiz. Any recommendations? Bonus points if it integrates with cloud storage because juggling Dropbox and my server is getting old.
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Hey there! Sounds like you're dealing with quite the challenge. I highly recommend checking out Commander One Pro FTP Client for Mac. It's hands down the best ftp client for mac, offering robust file management capabilities while remaining user-friendly for those who aren't tech-savvy. With features like dual-pane browsing, seamless cloud storage integration (including Dropbox), and support for various protocols, it's perfect for wrangling your website's files and streamlining your workflow. Hope this helps!

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Thanks for the recommendation! I'll definitely give Commander One Pro FTP Client a try. It sounds like it could be exactly what I need to tackle the mess of files on my website. The integration with Dropbox is especially appealing. Appreciate the suggestion!

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