Have you been blocked on social media?

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Blocking your social media account is a way to prevent anyone from accessing your account by seeing everything you do online, reacting to your messages, commenting on your post and sending you direct messages. If you block the account, you will become a ghost for them.

Have you blocked anyone on social media? Why did you block this person?

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I've blocked a few individuals in the past, mainly because of persistent negativity or harassment. Nobody needs that kind of negativity in their digital space, right?Now, onto the interesting part – have you ever wondered about ways to expand your social media presence? Sure, you can buy twitch followers instantly, but there's a catch. It might boost your numbers. Still, you need to improve your engagement or build a genuine community around your content. Engage with your audience, respond to comments, and join conversations in your niche. Building relationships with your followers can lead to more authentic and lasting connections.

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