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A Little Request

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Ok, well im doing some film festival thing...Im not doing any technical stuff just acting. I told them i'd ask on some forums for a effect we're looking for. We need black and white ( I believe) numbers rolling on screen, just like it was on the matrix. We are going to add it to introduce one of the plots.

Thanks in advance

~Jose A.k.a TTDO

God bless you and yours

May the lord be with the people who had to face the hurricane, I am praying for you guys

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Hmmm It is a screen saver... Is there a way to capture a screen saver ? Would snag it work? If so i can get it and do it.... I need a clip of the numbers going so we can throw it in the video.

I will try to mess with it more....I have to do homework..its 12:34 AM central. In the mean time i will leave the screen saver going :)

Thanks Parrot

Keep the help coming guys

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