How to Write a Contrast Essay: Introduction and tips

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Every student goes through this sort of writing once in his academic life. Of course, it is not specified for only social sciences subjects. But it needs a variety of subjects. So, develop a complete understanding before writing a contrast essay.


How to start an essay?


  • At first, make your mind clear about the exact meaning of writing such type essay. People do get confused between comparing and contrasting. According to some, both are the same things. But in actual they are not. 
  • A slight difference is present between both of them. Sometimes, students have to make a list of contrasting points only. Then he does present with an analytical conclusion. 
  • During contrasting, focus on things that create difference and make them unique. What is one’s weak or positive point, and what are the other’s strengths or weaknesses? 
  • While at times, you only need to make a comparison.
  • While in comparison, a writing process don’t only go for good or bad points. Instead, comparing all the points altogether.


We already know that the introductory body paragraph of the thesis or essay must always bring clarity and durability. In contrasting essays, develop a clear and easy-to-understand topic. Come with the main information about the topic. The introduction appears to be valuable if we write a thesis statement with key contrasting points. Those points will be explained further in the essay.




Tips for the perfect essay:


There are some essential writing strategies. The use of them makes the writer perfect in his own. 


  • Brainstorming for logical reasoning:


  1. Make a robust list on which ground you used to play with words and facts in an expository essay
  2. Suppose you have chosen one topic for your essay or academic paper. Now, what’s next? You are working on it to extract some contrasting facts. While doing that, don’t get stress out, so you choose an unrelated topic sentence. It is not a must to go for totally different topics.
  3. Dig deep into relevant research material. Logical discussion with expert writers saves your energy and time by bringing new ideas into account. 
  4. Write down all those multiple points and extract some best ones for the precise and concise list. 
  5. It is not an easy thing to extract all the information on your own. But, a piece of solid and well-studied information backs up your statements. So, sound authentic and credible by this.
  6. Keep little space for change. Go easy if, while researching, something turns out different than what you have planned. At this point, you can give a new look to the direction and make a base for new information. 
  7. Your logical and argumentative paper will stand excellent in perfect argumentative essay



  • Follow a well-developed structure to write my essay:



  1. Select one single format and direction, then stick to that to avoid confusing statements. 
  2. Make an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion noticeable. The pattern is simple and same as other samples of an essay writer


  1. Thesis Statements 
  2. Outline creation
  3. Introduction
  4. Body paragraphs
  5. Conclusion and recommendations
  6. Proofreading or analytical review 



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