Topics To Help You Write An Effective Debate - 2021 Guide

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Debates are an important part of the academic life of a student. It is also well known by everyone that writing a debate is not a child’s play and is a bit different from typical essay writing. 

Many students love to participate in different debate competitions but unfortunately fail to write a good debate themselves. At this point, they seek help from an essay writing service. Such services have professional writers who can write strong debates on any topic that is provided to them. 

Apart from this if you have some knowledge about debate writing already, then there are some more things that you should also know. 

The scope and quality of a debate are highly dependent on many other factors and most important of them all is the topic. It is the topic that decides how effective the debate would be and how impressive it will be for the audience. This is why, whenever you are thinking of writing a debate, find a good topic before anything else. 

In this article, you will find some debate topics that are chosen by a top essay writing service. Hopefully, these topics will enhance your creative skills and you will be able to write an effective debate. 

  • School uniform policies should be the same for both male and female students. 
  • It is better to eat nothing rather than overeating. 
  • Schools should ban junk food for all the students. 
  • Exotic sports like rugby should not be played in schools.
  • We should ban commercial cars from entering residential areas. 
  • The voting age should be revised and lowered to 15. 
  • A police officer should not carry a gun all the time.
  • International adoption should be banned due to health concerns.
  • It is better to write in school than in a busy essay writer.
  • Teen courts should be judged by teen juries.


All these topics are carefully chosen for an effective and interesting debate. These are the topics that only a good essay writing service can bring up for you. Keep on reading these topics so that you can have maximum options. 

  • Books that students read in schools should be more realistic.
  • Film versions of the books should never be produced as they ruin all the excitement. 
  • The new president of America.
  • Peaceful protests are good for nothing. 
  • Black lives really matter. 
  • The US president should be elected through a manual voting system. 
  • The United Kingdom is not so good a place for teenagers to live alone. 
  • Children should have a mobile phone during school hours. 
  • The “write my essay” is a total disappointment for many writing services companies. 
  • The minimum wage should be revised. 
  • The electorate should not care about a politician’s youth
  • Wealthy nations should allow refugees to take shelter.
  • All children must go to summer school.
  • Kingdom system should be stopped. 
  • Children should only get a fixed amount of pocket money.
  • The future of us welcoming robots into our homes is not very far.
  • Sports stars are not treated the way they deserve to be. 
  • Women are always considered less important than the male members of the family. 
  • Childhood vaccinations can be dangerous. 
  • Surrogacy: an emerging trend and a hope for many couples who wish to be parents. 


Hence, these were all the topics we could provide you. In case you need topics specific to a niche or a theme, you can hit up a write my essay for me. Such a service will provide you the topic right according to your requirements and also will assist you in writing an effective debate in a very short time. 

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