Help Understanging This Python Code

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I am having a tough time understanding what is going on in this following code

class Player(object):

   """ A player in a shooter game. """

   def blast(self, enemy):

       print "The player blasts an enemy.\n"


class Alien(object):

   """ An alien in a shooter game. """

   def die(self):

       print "The alien gasps and says, 'Oh, this is it.  This is the big one. \n" \

             "Yes, it's getting dark now.  Tell my 1.6 million larvae that I loved them... \n" \

             "Good-bye, cruel universe.'"

# main

print "\t\tDeath of an Alien\n"

hero = Player()

invader = Alien()


in particular this line


how is the object invader interacting the the blast method?

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The blast() method takes takes an alien (or whatever) as its sole argument, prints a message, and then calls alien's die() method. Not much more too it.

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