Windows 7 Color Changer Adds Aero Color to Wallpapers

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Windows 7 Color Changer Adds Aero Color to Wallpapers

Windows 7 Color Changer allows you to add Aero colors to your customized wallpapers. Though, by default, this feature is not in Windows 7, this application can be downloaded and used very easily. Like the default version, Aero Color Changer allows you to rotate wallpaper and images. Additionally, it also gives you the option to set a separate Aero color; that too, for each of the rotating images.

This application is easy to download and install and once that’s done, using it is that much easier to use because of its user-friendly interface. Using this application you can customize the wallpaper, add Aero colors to each of the images in the wall paper, set transparency levels for the wall paper, and also set the rotation time for the wallpaper.

To use this application the way you want to, complete the following:

1. To launch the application click the application icon in the system tray, and then click Setup Wallpaper.

This displays the Edit Your Wallpapers dialog box.

2. Add your custom images to create your own personal theme.

Note: At this stage you can give Aero color to the wallpapers and manage the transparency levels of the wallpaper.

3. After making the required changes, click Set.

You can also change the rotation time of the new wallpaper, after enabling auto start Window 7 Color Changer at the system startup, from the Options menu. You can choose the kind of change you want and after how many minutes you want the wallpaper to rotate.

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