Mozilla begins crackdown on slow starting Firefox add-ons

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Mozilla begins crackdown on slow starting Firefox add-ons

Mozilla has announced that it is going to be more hands-on with add-on performance. According to Mozilla's Justin Scott, Product Manager for Add-Ons, the average add-on increases start-up time by about 10%; the actual impact in seconds depends upon the user's hardware and software. Scott says in his announcement that the company estimates that installing ten add-ons typically doubles Firefox's startup time. With this in mind, Mozilla is planning a range of initiatives to take on the bad performers.

One of the changes will also improve the browser's integrity and security: an upcoming version of Firefox will not install third party add-ons unless the user has explicitly given permission for them to be installed. Scott says this change is being made because the silent installation of add-ons by third party software such as toolbars or other frameworks degrades Firefox performance without the user knowing why. The technique can also be used to install add-ons which compromise a user's security, so the planned change will inform users of what is being installed and allow them to block installation if they do not recognize the add-on

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