Genius MousePen M508W Tablet Hits the US Market

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Genius MousePen M508W Tablet Hits the US Market

Before Internet tablets became the latest craze for all the gadget-holics of the world, when someone talked about “tablets”, they typically referred to graphics input devices, such as the one you'll read about as follows, namely the MousePen M508W from Genius.

Set to arrive on the US and Canada markets in the near future, the new device from Genius packs a 5 x 8-inch surface, which should prove to be quite enough for users with somewhat of a penchant for drawing and some good artistic skills.

The device is accompanied by a stylus that is tilt sensitive at ±60 degrees and has 1024 pressure levels, which means that it's actually quite capable of creating thicker or thinner strokes, depending on how hard the user is pushing on it, which is quite similar to classic painting techniques.

However, apart from opening up a whole world of creative opportunities for artists, the device from Genius also offers a couple of control-related features, as it actually doubles as a mouse.

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