AMD to Kill Phenom, Athlon, Sempron and Turion Brands

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AMD to Kill Phenom, Athlon, Sempron and Turion Brands

Just about everyone who's bought an AMD CPU over the past couple of years is probably quite well-acquainted with the company's current branding in this segment, the best-known names being, without a doubt, the Phenom, Athlon, Sempron and Turion, that, however, might actually become a thing of the past in the near future.

So, according to a report from Chiphell, who's quoting some unnamed leaked AMD documents, it seems that the company plans to effectively kill of the aforementioned processor brands, the products in these families gearing up for a serious rebranding.

Obviously, you can rest assured that AMD's CPUs (in both their mobile and desktop variants) will still stick around for a long while, but the naming will be fairly different, apparently in line with the company's Vision platform approach.

So, for example, later on this year, AMD's processor lineup might include only such offerings as the VISION Ultimate Extreme Edition, VISION Premium Deluxe Edition or VISION Black enthusiast version, the Phenom and Athlon names disappearing completely.

Details here:

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