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Ok I am not sure if Oracle actually screw this up or it just me. I just upgrade my computer to Window 7 64 bit, and need a Java 64 bit. I thought Java already given me the x64 by using the online download. But When I check the Control Panel, I found out it is using the 32 bit. So I went looking around in Java website and it keep pointing me to the "64 bit download site" which it is a 32 bit version. Anyone know the actual download link that is directly to 64 bit? Or any way to get it? the 32 bit run just fine on my Window 7 x64 but I would like to have the 64 bit version. Oy I said "64 bit" too much.

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Ahh thanks, I thought my Firefox is using 64 version, but it apparently that Mozilla haven't got into it. I went to IE 64 and got the 64 file.. I have one small annoyance. When I am attempting to install a few java file in my computer, it failed to see there a java 64, I have both 32 and 64 because of the browser. It keep saying that my computer is x86, So I uninstall the x86 one (i have to completely reinstall x64 because uninstalling the x86 completely remove every bit of Java even the 64) then reinstall 64, Java able to see that my computer is amd64 and using the 64 version. When I use the x86 browser like Firefox, it didn't see the 64 and stated that Java is not installed. How I am able to get Java to see that 64 is still there at the same time, the 32 stay installed?

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Your 32-bit version of Firefox won't be able to use the 64-bit version of Java. The 32-bit version of your browser will use the 32-bit version of Java. The 64-bit version of your browser will use the 64-bit version of Java. You need to install each individually.

Uninstall both versions of Java then reinstall each. You can use JavaRa to clean up any traces of Java.

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