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I am a piece of a team working to create a datacenter for a college class that will accomodate 210TB of storage and 80 Gb of throughput. The datacenter will require storage and web hosting to access said data.

My question is should we be using a SAN? Or are there other options we should be considering for the storage of this data? If there is, what would you suggest?

As for the question of budget for this whole project is 200 Million but the farther down we cut that is probably the better.

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There's 2 main architectures you can consider. SAN and NAS. SAN being a mapping of remote storage such that it appears locally (for example ATA over Ethernet) and NAS being a mapping of remote storage such that it is still defined as remote (e.g. SMB).

There's 2 main issues. Storage and throughput. The storage requirements are pretty massive and you'd need to carefully consider how it is accessed. That is to say how traffic much each server in the storage array will be transferring at one time. From this, you can decide on the mediums to use (whether that be for 1GigE or 10GigE Ethernet). If it is more than 10GigE, you would need to look at agregating links with something like IEEE802.1AD.

Without any more details on users, load distribution etc., it's hard to advise any more.


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