Wireless Network Hang My Computer

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my wireless adapter cause a hang to my computer sometime. I am using Realtek RTL8185 54M Wireless LAN Network Adapter. When i first install the driver for my wireless, it came with the utility and installed the connection utility software along with the driver. I told window to take control of the wireless network. but no matter what, everytime i start up my window (i dual booting with my primary OS, Ubuntu) the utility software keep taking control and cause problem for some software that need network access like World of Warcraft for example. So i uninstall the utility and the driver is gone. so i explore the self-excract .zip file and see what is inside, and found the .sys file that Window need for the driver to run my wireless card. So when the New Hardware Wizard appear, i told where the correct file is, then it proceed to install that driver and it work fine. my Window took control the network, and i able to get in World of Warcraft just fine. But here is one problem that keep reoccurring. If i use a something that require more bandwidth than what World of warcraft or Firefox need, it will simply hang the computer then it back to normal then 10 sec later it hang again, it will keep doing it again and again until i restart or disable my wireless card through it window network utility then re-enable the wireless, it went back to normal. I cant use my Utorrent or game downloader like Wow client install (i have to reinstall wow because of issue with game), it will simply hang the computer.

I disabled the firewall, the antivirus program, or anything that running in the background that possible cause program with my wireless but it still hang the computer if i use any program that require more bandwidth

my ISP is ATT and their 2wire router is automatic updated and so far there is no update for the router.

Any fix on this?

AMEND: Look like it stop for now. I recently went to Window Update and found they have a driver, a updated driver for my wireless card. the current driver i am using is 2005, i been looking everywhere to find a updated driver but Window Update got it for me and i install the update. So far, it working fine, there is no hanging right now. So hopefully it will stay that way, but if not. i will report back and ask for help again

2nd AMEND: i spoke too soon, it still hanging again

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