Us Government Uses Talent Competition To Find It Experts

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28 July 2009, 18:05

US Government uses talent competition to find IT experts

The US Government wants to improve the security of its IT infrastructure and is holding a competition to find 10,000 suitable young talents. The US Cyber Challenge is divided into three internet challenges, namely the Air Force Association's "CyberPatriot High School Cyber Defense Competition", the Department of Defense Cyber Crime Center's "DC3 Digital Forensics Challenge" and the "NetWars" challenge of IT security specialist the SANS Institute. The top scorers are to be sent into a round of further selections next year. Those that are chosen will be eligible for a job with the NSA, the FBI, the Department of Defense, the Computer Emergency Response Team and the Department of Energy.

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Opposition to use of tracking cookies on government sites sparks mental health concern.

Agreed. Wish a term other than "tracking" had become common as that implies there are no limits to what's tracked.

"White House will change e-mail rules" =

"How Far Will (and Should) the Government Go in Monitoring Online Activity?" =

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