Auto/home Insurance?

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Hey guys, I have a simple question, and this is the only place I know, that I can get legit and truthful answers.

My family have been using Allstate for our Auto/House Insurance for a while, and now we're thinking their just ripping us off (too lazy to post details :) )

...So my dad decided to it's time for a change and asked me to look around and find a good company with fair rates.

So, I was wondering, whose your auto & home insurance?

What do you guys suggest?

So far, the only big players I know of are Progessive & State Farm.

My dad and I will take a trip to the State Farm place Monday to get a quote.

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I'm Allstate all the way, from WAY back (mostly, now, out of loyalty, whatever that is).

For many reasons rates are going up in general and insurance companies are getting stingier with their payouts. Aside from all the disasterous weather, they also have to deal with the economic downturn. State Farm is generally acknowledged as the best company for consumers, while newer companies generally have the cheapest rates. I have a friend who's been involved with insurance companies for a long time and he's mostly insured by Farmer's.

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I have multiple policies with state farm. You get discounts for multiple policies, multiple vehicle, and accident free. I have used them for years with no complaints.

take care,


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I have just finished an Auto and Home insurance nightmare! I had AIG and because of their latest antics, I was NOT going to give them my business.

Long story short, started with our local agency who gave us a great price with AAA. But spent a MONTH fixing mistakes--wrong deductable on the house, full coverage on the wrong vehicle (the one with the bank loan had no deductable where MY paid for car with 140,000 miles had deductable! That's not good!), prices changed after I signed the paperwork (due to not somehow not getting a multi policy discount). I was livid and had doubts about what would happen if we ever submitted a claim!!!!. Now......I don't know if it was the Agent, Agency or AAA, but I ended up with THREE pages of handwritten notes. Every time I opened an envelope from AAA, I usually ended up cussing like a sailor.

Got fed up, decided this agent did not deserve a commission since I was doing all the work, and went with Citizens Insurance, sold through independent agencies (in MY case, an OUT OF TOWN agency as I wasn't gonna give our local agency any more business). It was easy. It cost more than AAA in the long run, BUTTTT I got better coverage and MUCH better service. NO mistakes to fix. Still much cheaper than AIG. I highly recommend Citizens.

My parents have Citizens and had a mirror torn off in a parking lot. No idea how it happened or who did it, they figured it would be a long shot if insurance covered it. They had absolutely no trouble and got a new mirror.

Checked Progressive during my search. Expensive (and the "choices" of other insurance companies prices apparently aren't availabe in my area!) Geiko was almost exactly double what I was paying for AIG. Auto Owners was expensive. Liberty is known for a good price and good coverage but their quote was also expensive. And Liberty only writes one year auto policies, which can be a budget strain if one is used to paying the bill monthly, quarterly or every six months.

Best thing is to have Dad call a few local agencies as they have many companies at their disposal (and have him check for a Citizens agency!). What I did is photocopied my policy information and dropped it off or mailed it to the agencies. They said having the photo copies was very, very helpful because 99% of the information was at their fingertips. It was easier on ME, too as all I did was drop off the papers, said,

"Here's all my information/coverages/etc. See what you can do and give me a call"

vs. spending so much time on the phone or in the office giving information


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I did an online quote from Progressive, Geico and some others back when I was still paying $70 a month for liability on my hatch and I realized that all their ads on TV are complete crap. Progressive wanted like $120, Geico wanted somewhere around $110, State Farm was astronomical (like $150-170) and to top it all off, Progressive's little comparison thing lies (said Geico wanted more than progressive when they actually wanted less).

Now, I pay a meager $48 a month for liability (I'm 21). I like Farm Bureau..... I guess it helps that my dad works there too (not an agent though). They also help pay for my college. They are awesome wrapped in win for me.

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Wow, thanks for the all the replies. My prefers to go with the big companies (he has no faith in smaller companies).

So far, I got quotes from progessive & state farm.

We used to have state farm, and switched to allstate, and it looks like we will prolly switch back to state farm.

I'm also going to get quotes from Geico & liberty...but oddly, both their sites are down for maintenance /=

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