Linux Connection Sharing With Belkin Router

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Hey guys, I'm not sure if this is my first post ever, or if it's just been years but anyway I could use your expertise.

I have a box running OpenSuse 11.1 that connects to the internet with a Belkin Wireless Adaptor. That works, everything is cool

What I want to do is share that connection with my laptop wirelessly via my Belkin Wireless Router.

I followed some instructions on how to enable internet connection sharing in linux, but there are a few questions i have for once I've done that.

Firstly, I have my router connected to my ethernet port on the computer. The ethernet cord goes from the computer to the internet/wan port on the router. AFAIK this is NOT a crossover cable. Is that a problem/necessary?

Secondly, assuming that's not a problem since it's functioning only to broadcast the connection, how would I set the router to take the connection from my linux box and broadcast it wirelessly. It says there's no connection and I'm thinking that's because the linux box isn't acting as a DHCP server or providing anything other than a static-ip address (correct?).

I'm pretty savvy with computers and wireless networks so the instructions don't need to be really specific, I'm just not exactly sure how to tackle this problem.

Thanks guys!

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I'm not sure what you mean so I'll answer it two ways.

It's connecting via USB to my college's network. I'm just looking for a way to extend the range so I can access my files from home and not have to sit in a corner of my house.

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