Mac Laptop And Dell Printer?

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Daughter has a MacBook OSX and a Dell 720 Color Printer.

"Ohhhhh, just plug it in and it works"

Nope. Not according to her.

I did some googling and looks like it won't work.

Any suggestions besides her buying a new printer? "Infant tech" explanations please, I know nothing about Macs, and Katie is a blonde :D



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Dell never made a Mac driver. But may not be out of luck, older Dell printers are just rebranded Lexmarks. I think this is the driver she needs

This means she may have to add the driver manually. After installing the lexmark driver she will need to go to system preferences > print & fax hit the + button highlight the printer (should show up) and choose the driver from the drop down.

There may be a chance that after adding the driver if she plugs the printer in it may just work. If it was a Lexmark branded printer it would, don't know with Dell.

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Wellllllllll....discovered Daughter left her printer's connection cord at her college apartment. So it may be a while before I find out if your suggestions work. Like maybe as late as August. Will give a report when one of the kids goes down there and grabs the printer cord, though! :thumbsup:


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