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Trendmicro Issues Instructions On Restoring Web Access

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<h2 class="headline">Trend Micro Issues Instructions On Restoring Web Site Access Should Conficker Worm Bite </h2>How infected Internet users can regain access to security companies' Web sites in order to work with tech support to clean their computers, get information and tools on security updates Apr 01, 2009 | 02:43 PM

Cupertino, Calif. -- March 31, 2009 -- While the ultimate goal of the DOWNAD/Conficker worm still remains unknown, Trend Micro has discovered that those infected with the worm are blocked from entering the Web sites of security companies and prevented from receiving security updates or accessing customer support pages.

The following instructions and procedures will help victims restore access to Trend Micro and other security Web sites:

Stop the Client-Side DNS Cache service from a command line 1. Click Start -> Run 2. Type cmd and click OK 3. Type net stop dnscache and press Enter 4. Type Exit and press Enter OR

<li>Stop the Client-Side DNS Cache service using the Windows Services 1. Click Start -> Run 2. Type Services.msc and click OK 3. Double-Click the DNS Client service and click Stop Note: The name of the Windows DNS Client service may also appear as Dnscache.

Those accessing Trend Micro's Web site can find technical support tools and security updates. Once users gain access, please visit This threat is an example of the new breed of Web threats being developed by cybercriminals who use multiple techniques and protocols to infect and propagate their attacks. The Trend Micro Smart Protection Network blocks threats before they can enter a network; correlated in-the-cloud Web, email and file reputation databases allows Trend Micro to quickly analyze and block new threats as they appear. The Smart Protection Network powers many of the company's consumer, SMB and Enterprise solutions today including:

For enterprises, Trend Micro OfficeScan Client/Server Edition The multiple protection layers embedded in Trend Micro OfficeScan stop this aggressive malware—protecting endpoints against infection and preventing it from spreading to other PCs and servers. The faster protection delivered by the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network detects the initial infection and propagation attempts of Downad and blocks them immediately.

For consumers, Trend Micro Internet Security Pro Provides powerful protection, whether a user is at home or on the go. Trend Micro Internet Security Pro blocks Downad and safeguards online transactions, identity, and irreplaceable files with the most comprehensive protection available.

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