Vista V Ubuntu 8.10

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ok at last i have vista and ubuntu8.10 as a dul boot

which has taken me some time to get to grips with

ive had to install it on a bigger machine

with plenty of ram

whitch is what this sys needs

it wouldnt load on a machine with 512mg of ram

but it is ok now

at first i had a problem when i booted from vista to ubuntu

on my dos screen it was giving me an error

and to fix the problem

and had turn the compt off then restart

any one got any idea what i did wrong

some times it does this

i thought down loading packages would help

and so far it has

i quite like this version

any ideas


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sorry i havent been to the sight for a while

yes it is a grub error

this version is a bit tricky for me

ive had all the versions

which have installled ok but ubuntu 8.4 and 8.10

i have two machines and i use one to try the sys first

the reason i do this i dont want to corrupt vista

tho ime not a vista fan

i payed for it so i need to utilise my money

it has some good points

and that is of one of the reasons i keep it going

i had a crash recently

and it corrupted the mbr

which meant i had to change the mbr

but that stopped me from getting back to ubuntu

which i had to delete and format

any tips

so i can keep it in the sys

i hope ive explained this properly

this is quite frustrating

as ime not that tech minded

and in many cases ive had to come to the boardd to get solutions

but not all poster are linux minded

and that is understandable

any ideas


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