But I Always Wanted To!

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An old prospector wandered into a small town where he was accosted by

a loud, obnoxious and quite drunken cowboy. The cowboy pointed his

six-shooters in the old miner's direction and asked, "Old man, do you

know how to dance?"

"Nope," the prospector replied.

"Maybe you'd better learn," said the cowpuncher. Hot lead kicked up

dust around the old man's feet and he began to dance.

Soon, however, the guns were empty. Now the old prospector reached

into his saddlebag and pulled out a sawed-off shotgun.

"Son," he said, "you ever kissed a mule?"

Looking first at the shotgun, then at the spot where the mule's tail

is attached to its body, the young cowboy got the message. "Nope," he

answered, "I never kissed a mule, but I always wanted to!"

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