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hi team ive just recieved the ubuntu.10

as i use an old compt to test these ubuntu disks

i find the sys wont install

and that happened with ubuntu.8.05

i only presume it may be the problem is with my not having enough ram

512 megs

up until now all ubuntu and kubuntu have installed ok

but with the higher specs

my sys freezes

in particular the mouse curser

i have a compt with higher specs

but i have vista installed on it

and tho i dont like vista

i spent to much money on the sys

and as ime not sure how to partition that drive

i may corrupte vista

tho i like ubuntu

i have to weigh up my options

any one give me advice



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I don't think it would be a RAM issue because it can run with a minimum of 256MB's if I can recall. I am not sure about what's going on. But if you are looking to install it on the computer that has Vista, I would suggest using Wubi. It installs Ubuntu onto the computer without messing with any partitions, and you can easily install and boot into it.

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