Can't Stream Audio ... Live Video Is Ok.

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I'm new to these forums, so "HI!" ...and here's my problem, hope you can help :-)

I'm running XP PRO and my soundcard is a "built-in the motherboard" SoundMax Digital Audio. In the past I've streamed audio only using that in conjunction with SAM broadcasting software with excellent results.

Having recently found I've embedded the video and chat into my webpage and can successfully stream live from my webcam. However I cannot seem to get any audio to come through.

The url is

In the ustream console, while broadcasting, the VU meter responds as if it hears the music playing, and I can hear the audio-out on my stereo/monitor (plugged into my audio-out jack on back of computer). But no audio when I view my page from another system.

I have the Mixer enabled in XP volume controls and nothing is muted. I've also tried playing tunes via Media Player with same results. I set console to my soundcard for playlist/audio streaming... Note that when when it was set to the webcam mic I was able to stream audio fine, but it sounded like it was playing in the background (obviously) and I want it to be pulled directly from my soundcard. So, what am I doing wrong or what settings should I have set?

Let me know if you need more info.



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