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OK, first question: How do you use the bloody thing?

Question Ni (2): Can you perform the reinstallation with a recovery partition on a laptop with an external monitor? I ask this cause the laptop in question has a broken monitor but will be used like a desktop until a replacement monitor is installed oh say in the next month or so. It's my old laptop which I have managed to break the monitor on it (don't ask, it's damaged and needs to be replaced) and I plan for my dad to use.

I need to do this cause lord knows the dang thing needs a recovery install bad. It runs like complete and utter crap at the moment and it just happened out of nowhere. Programs freezing, sluggish performance, stuff that has never bothered my desktop and things this laptop has never done before until the last month or so.

So I need to reinstall Windows, but have no disc, just the stupid recovery partition. AND I have a broken monitor on the laptop that needs this done. Can I use the partition and how? Thank you kindly for any help ^_^

PS, It's a Compaq Presario C500 (C551NR actually) with Vista Home Basic 32bit

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thanks for the link! Got that old laptop runnin like a champ now. Completely cleaned out and ready for my dad now. Plus, it's playin HD video without a hitch (was hiccuping real bad before) and didn't lockup once while trying to navigate through video. Also it's much quicker than it was (gosh it was slow) but now it even starts up and shuts down faster. I used to put it into Hibernate a lot because of how slowly it started up.

Oh and once it got into the recovery stuff I had to hit fn+F4 for it to switch to the external monitor. I guess I'm gonna order a replacement display for it off eBay after I get my next paycheck, then my dad will have a fully functional laptop with a spare battery and charger (my new one didn't share the same battery and charger like my last 2 did so it only has 1 of each).

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