Newegg Has Added Another Site

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Newegg has added another site now. sells other general items like clothing, hardware, and even automotive accessories. Unfortunately all the automotive stuff they sell is ricey crap you could get at Autozone. Still I thought it was pretty cool. If they could just start selling stuff like you can get off Evasive Motorsports, Weaksauce Parts, and Password JDM, then it would be the stuff. Apparently what they actually do though is have this stuff on their site but it actually ships from different companies. Stuff on comes from Newegg but this stuff on this new one doesn't or at least some of it doesn't. I haven't really looked at it much.

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So it's a "portal" to other merchants, capitalizing on the generally well accepted NewEgg site? Not sure it's a good business model (I've seen other "portals" come and go) but we'll see.

Exactly! They drop ship from who knows where and collect a fee. Just using their good name to sell anything.

NOT a good business model in my opinion.

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