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press here

take note of this link and dont try it shortly i will paste a reply from a user who tried it


this is from some one who tried it

Got a free year's trial version of this awhile ago so decided to try it out last night!

Had to uninstall AVG as it wouldn't even allow me to disable it........

Installed and rebooted and immediately got 4 popups requesting an internet connection ,which I blocked....

configured all the options I wanted,and on a reboot found that there was no email monitoring due to a LSP service conflict.........with apparently another app I run?

well after an hour of trying ,I decided to open mozilla to do a internet and a crash!

Rebooted and it started to freeze...............that was it ................uninstalled this garbage and re-installed an image .............4 hours wasted!

How can they charge for crap software like that?

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me to.

so avg will be good enough for me.

the free ones are just as good now as the paid ones.

it wasnt like that i remember chappy and petecovell used to try and disuade us from using free ones because they didnt have all the security options within the.

thier sys.

but compt security is so important to day.that the paid ones cant keep up.

i saw on cnn where 60.000.000 are using or tried avg.and avg isnt the only free ones out there.there are several more.

when i first got a compt i installed nortons paid one.

and it let a virus through that ruined my win 98se,

so from then on i became anti nortons .

and it probab;ly wasnt may have been my fault.

since that time microsoft has up graded its security

and i think the threat of linux was the cause of that.

who had a better virus plan than win.

but the problem with microsoft is they leaved it to late linux has established it self now,and because some of it is wont be dislodged easly .

the compt out let i deal with.

gave me a disk mandrake10 free.and a smaller one i got 6 disks of ubuntu.

to give away to friends

so they are getting in.

you have a good xmas


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