Government Spying Into Vista?

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I have read reports that some users are reporting that Vista is being spied on by different departments of the government. These so called reports are coming from people running "Peer Guardian".

Well, even tho Phoenixlabs reports that Peer Guardian 2 is not compatible with Vista. I have had no problem installing and running their program on my system running Vista. Now for two days running without any blocking on any settings. I have had a total of "0" hits. (unless I run utorrent). Then it list all the normal thing I find getting listed in Windows XP.

Without running my torrent application it just sits there. Allowing my legit programs their normal updating protocols. I read over what the people are saying about seeing allot of government hits. And in the one case they listed different examples. You could see this person was using torrent sites like they were going out of style.

Since I use a torrent once in a blue moon. I thought I' ed give it a test. And I find that these claims are way off base. I have yet to see any of this government spying that is being reported.

Maybe if these so called people claiming they are being spied on, didn't use torrent sites like mad. They could report a lot differently. I mean really. Steal everything in sight and think nobody is going to have a look at who you are. Really. Some people need to have a reality check.

I will keep running "Peer Guardian" and checking on it. But you would think by this time someone from our government would have had a peek.


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Pretty cryptic there ... What government agencies? And couldn't those be spoofed? And why even mention Vista if the cause is stealing copyrighted material? Can't you do that using other OS's? Or is it just that there happens to be a program available only for Windows that supposedly ferrets out who's watching?

You're certain to be correct that it's a bunch of whiney adolescents stealing whatever they like, so take everything they say with a grain of salt.

On the other hand, I don't want the gub'ment spying on my system. It's way too easy to wind up with questionable content on your drive without having the slightest idea how it got there. I occasionally, rarely but still, it's there sometimes, wind up with malware on my drive. I have no idea how that stuff gets in. Who knows what other incriminating stuff might be in some DAT file you didn't even know was there?

Guess we could trust the government to know the difference between ill-gotten files and incidental ones, huh? Su-u-ure!

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I think it was Steve Gibson that said recently that some government agency could track down computers that are part of bot-nets. They could then disable the virus or track the source. I don't know if this has actually been put into effect I dough it is. But seeing stats that over 75% of torrent users computers are unknowingly owned by spam nets, this doesn't sound too unreasonable.

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Marty, I've heard that, too.....I personally have nothing to worry about, US Gov would be bored to tears with my google searches (today I discovered what that really neat butterfly in my garden is called and read up about hydrangeas! :D )


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ha ha


a few years back i critisized george doub ya

at techtv

and when i read the usa gov

wanted the google archives

so i stopped using google

but i think all all search engines

come into this category

may be i was paraniod


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