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sorry bout that

how do i transfer a video

from an email

to the boardmarty

I would think that you treat it like a photo.

Download it to your computer. Then upload it to a hosting site, like Youtube. Then post the link on the board.


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do i save it to my pic folder

and as i use tiny pics up load it from tinypics

funny thing ive tried that ans some pics or video will up load

but some wont

for example i have two

programs which is presented by powerpoint

but i can get them to load from an eamil to the board

what am i doing wrong

it seems tiny pics dosent handle all extensions


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Powerpoint is not video (or a graphic like a JPEG), so that won't work. It's more like a word processor file, a file that needs the orginal program or one designed specifically to open that one file type to 'view' it.

I haven't play with the 'attachment' function of the boards, you'd probably have to use that (though many would be reluctant to download an unknown file).

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ok JD

to be able to transfer a from powerpoint

to the board

would i need to use another wordprocesser

i can send then to the board

from attachments

but i have to save them to my pic folder

and beeing not so adept at this

some times it dosent give me the option


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You'd have to attach them. The board (and/or our browsers) knows how to display JPEGs, GIFs, etc., and what to do with YouTube videos, but neither the board nor browsers are capable of displaying PowerPoint presentations (there may be additions that add that function, I don't know).

YOUR computer knows what to do with them because at some point the Windows installation on your computer was "informed" that PowerPoint files run in PowerPoint (or a utility that can display PowerPoint files), all you have to do is click on one and Windows "looks up" how to handle that file type, then runs the appropriate program and loads the file (that file type is 'associated' with the program that knows how to open and display it). The boards or IE don't have the necessary function built in.

I only mentioned word processors as an example, you wouldn't expect the board or IE to open and display a Word document properly, nor do they work with PowerPoint files (only PowerPoint or utilities 'designed' to open PP files will).

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