Finding Vista's Advanced Tools

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Finding Vista's Advanced Tools

Vista likes to hide and change things. So let's look at Vista's advanced tools. Here you will find some old, plus new features.

First, let's get to these features.

Go to your "Start Menu" And then over to "Computer".

R-Click on "Computer", and Choose "Properties" towards the bottom of the drop down list.

Up pops the "System" tab with your basic computer information.

Over to the left under "Task" you will find.

•Device Manager

•Remote Settings

•System Protection

•Advanced System Setting

Towards the bottom below “See Also†you will find.

•Windows Update

•Security Center


We’ll save “Performance†for last, but it is not the least.

The first options under “Task†you will recognize from previous builds.

Device Manager: Shows a list of your Hardware and Controllers.

Remote Settings: This area controls Remote Access to your PC.

System Protection: Create system restore points. Toggle settings

Advanced System Settings: Lets you adjust Performance, User Profiles, and Startup and Recovery options.

Under “See Alsoâ€

Windows Update: Opens up Vista’s Update Center.

Security Center: Here are your settings for adjusting Windows security options

Performance: Here you will be able to rate and improve your computers performance. And find some old and new and very useful programs.

Clicking on "Performance"

Under “Taskâ€

•Manage startup programs: Allows you to choose which programs to start on boot

•Adjust visual effects: Performance options, including adjustments for Data Execution Prevention (DEP)

•Adjust indexing options: Modify Indexing options

•Adjust power settings: Creat a power plan, Nice if you run a laptop

•Open disk cleanup: Speaks for itself....LOL

•Advanced tools: Tools for additional performance information

Go and click on “Advanced Tools†and you will find tools to get additional performance information. Help you track down and find issues with your computer.

Here you will find.

•Event Viewer: View performance details in Event Log

View details of problems affecting Windows performance

•Reliability and Performance Monitor:

View graphs of system performance and collect data

•Task Manager: Opens Task Manager

Get information on programs and processes currently running on your computer

•System Information: View advanced system details

View details about the hardware and software components on your computer

•Performance options: Adjust the appearance and performance of Windows

Adjust setting for visual effects, processor and memory usage, and virtual memory

•Disk Defragmenter:

Modify the schedule for defragging your HHD

•System Diagnostics: Generate a system health report

View details about system health and performance. Gives in-depth reports on every aspect of your computer. Diagnostic, Software and Hardware Configuration, CPU, Network, Disk, Memory and Report Statistics.

This isn't an indepth explanation of these services and programs. Just helping you find where thay are located in Windows Vista. Helpful programs to monitor your computers health.

This should keep you busy for a while, and help you find useful applications to help make your Vista experience more rewarding.


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