21 Axles & 84 Wheels Stuck @ The Chicken Coop

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This is an interesting story... A 330,000 pount trailer is stuck at a Washington State weigh station because its 13K pounds over weight. Plus the weight is not distributed amoung the axles corecctly enough to please em.

Heh, a 330,000 trailer is 13,000 pounds over weight. Its like being chased down for going 3 cents over on the gas pump and not going back in to pay up.

State traffic engineer Ted Trepanier said Friday the trucking company could rent equipment locally to properly distribute and transport the load.

Im no expert, but Im pretty sure Uhaul would consider this abuse of equipment. Maybe Ryder?



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What is with the folks in Washington? Fer cryin' out loud, it's their dang bridge! 13K is less than a regular semi-truck load. Jeesch!

Seems these folks don't like anything that has to do with rubber on the roads....

New New NASCAR track

Don't pass the buck, Pass up the buck.

I can see them now at the winner's circle.Instead of spraying champagne all over the place, they'll be tossing double chocolate foamy latte whatever, on each other


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They have been building those wind power machine near me, near Dayton, WA, they had a picture of the generator on a trailer, I can't find it on the web site of the local papar but it was very long and had a huge number of wheels. If I can find the image I will link it.

Is this it?



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If I remember right, it was a wind machine turbine? being trucked to Eastern Washington, or Eastern Oregon, that didn't quite fit going through one of our (Portland) freeway tunnels last year ...doesn't look like that picture though. It took days to figure out how to take the trailer or load apart to get it out of the the tunnel. Luckily didn't do any major structural damage the tunnel.

I know as Motorhomers we have to always be on the lookout for places we don't fit, have to know our height, width, and weight too (a detour because of mud slides one year was forbidden to us as we were technically 500 pounds but in reality closer to a 1000 pounds over the weight limit). So I assumed that truckers would have to do that too. Yet we have talked to truckers with special loads that have no idea the heighth of the load...aren't they training them in this critical area anymore? Sooner or later you'd think they'd think about needing to know their size, since nearly every older bridge and overpass is marked. And those markings can be wrong too, since not all height signage is changed after road work is done and it can significantly change the clearance to being less than posted.

P.S. How did they weigh that long a load for the Tacoma Narrows bridge joint? Axle by axle or ??? Just curious!

Some twenty or so years ago, the center span of our Fremont bridge was brought up the Columbia River and then down the Willamette a few miles (luckily it didn't have to go under any of the other low bridges in the city) to it's final destination, the major stumbling block was the old railroad drawbridge that it had to go under, which wasn't quite high enough for easy high river traffic, also the side pylon clearance was considered extremely critical. Yep it was close, something like 3 or 4 inches leftover on each side of the barge and bridge span. They had to calculate the tides (yes there are tides on the rivers from ocean tidal changes), and many other things before the big moving day. Sure was fun to watch it go ever so slowly under the bridge with no problem. Took alot of dedicated tugboat people along with engineers to make it go smoothly.


God bless everyone

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"We're open to suggestions," Love said. "What I've told them is, 'We'll do this any way we can. If it's impossible then it's real easy; y'all can build the bridge in Idaho."'

This caught my eye also. Made me laugh. Sound like a good ol' boy.


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Ok, bridges need big stuff to handle big traffic. But the rest of this bugs me to no end. Why such a huge windmill? Why not several smaller ones? One goes down and you have back up... Kinda like two HDs instead of a huge one. Just like NUKE plants. Why build one big enough to power 15-20% of a state? Why not smaller (safer) ones near each community? Kinda like our Aircraft carriers... I guess it's a man thing, just like MS Vista and it's upgrade requirements... Who the heck needs it? (untill the software builders get online and make what the average user needs obsolete) Bigger, better, faster and more expensive. I can't help but ask.... WHY? Who needs it?

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One large one costs less per kilowatt than enough smaller ones to generate the same amount of electricity; One set of blades, one generator, one parcel of land, one power station, etc. There are other considerations too (larger blades rotate slower potentially causing less environmental damage, etc.).

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