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This is a great tasting fish!!! Expensive too, unless you can talk a fisherman friend out of some of his catch. By the way caviar comes from sturgeon.

The current size limits I think are at least 42 inches up to maximum of 60 (which translates to about a 20 year old fish if I remember right). And a limit of 5 per year.

This link tells of many types of Sturgeon. They are a very ancient fish species.

Columbia River Sturgeon with lots of info and pictures

The next link (Frazier River, British Columbia, Canada) has some nice photos. Ooops forgot to put the link in, so when I find the exact one I meant to do I'll add it.

Here is another one I found while looking for the previous one I had before supper.

Possible World Record Sturgeon From Frazier River

Well this isn't the one I found earlier, but it is a good site for photos. Hubby says give it up for tonight....sorry about that.

Fraizer River Sturgeon Fishing

This next one is from the Portland Hikers website forum. Shows info and pics of Bonneville Dam on the Columbia River about 40 miles east of Portland. I was hoping it would show the largest of the old timer sturgeon in the sturgeon ponds there, but only a smaller one. Hubby likes to go there about once a year to check out the fish ladder viewing, and hopefully catch sight of a boat or barge going through the lock system. The last couple of years or so have been a feeding frenzy by the sea lions (protected species) gobbling up the salmon on the route up river to spawn. Major problem of sea lions taking out so many of the limited amounts of wild salmon. The sea lions have even learned how to jump up the fish ladder!!! And the salmon get so tired navigating the ladder that they are easy prey for the sea lions. Hazing them with sound, and rubber bullets, etc has not been effective in driving them away either, and why should it when they have a free pass to dinner?

Bonneville Dam info including sturgeon ponds

This next link gives you a montage of photos from Troutdale (a suburb of Portland on east side of town) to The Dalles via the Columbia River Gorge.

Photos for Columbia River Gorge sights

Hubby is calling me to dinner so will be back later to check spelling etc.


God bless everyone

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Today's Oregonian had another article on the sea lions and their quest for en easy lunch at Bonneville Dam on the Columbia. Seems like they are pulling a gang up method to kill sturgeon on their way up river to spawn. Bad enough they are killing so many of the wild salmon, but to gangster style take out the sturgeon is awful....yet the Feds still protect the sea lions, as "endangered species", from being killed to even out things. Sea Lions are plentiful on the coast and on the river....taking over public and private docks completely at times. And who would dare argue with a huge sea lion over use of the dock?

Sea Lions gang up on Sturgeon for dinner feast

I think the Feds need to realize that the sea lions are damaging the salmon and sturgeon spawning runs and if something isn't done soon it will further decrease the protected salmon, and sturgeon numbers in danger too.. So where is the balance to all this protection of species?


God bless everyone

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