Native Americian Art

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Didn't already have any so I thought, interesting enough to go ahead and start a web search. Sure, there were plenty of results to a search for "NATIVE AMERICAN ART," but, and I'm not sure if this is a commentary on North American culture or what, nearly every one of the results had something to sell (or directed you to someone who had something to sell).

Wondering if a similar search for, say, "NATIVE NEW ZEALAND ART" would result in more cultural sites interesting mainly in educational values, or a similar number of sites selling NZ art?

Anywho ... Hopi works are the most appealing to me. Something about their esthetic values, or, I dunno. I just like 'em.

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yes JD

i found many native american sites

but they were all commercial

i think i commented on this

in a post

i tried to find sites that depicted the art in its natural form

i found one in canada on the cree indians

but haven read it yet

we have an art site on the nz board i post to but it is a bit

un organised at this point

but it is comming along great

some on posted a site on australian

aboriginal art

and my is it interesting

but if you like ile keep you posted



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