A Couple More Items For The Garage Sale

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Ok, Im doin some fall cleaning and have a couple more items to unload:

The Complete Upgrade & Maintenance Guide 2003 Edition by Mark Minasi

This is an excellent book for those wanting to learn the hardware side of computers. This book tells all you need to know to build, upgrade, and maintain your PC. It also comes with 2 CDs that have video tutorials and some applications.

Back Cover:

The Complete PC Upgrade and Maintenance Guide, 2003 Edition is a problem-solving wonder. In simple, easy-to-follow language, it shows you how to prevent disasters, fix the ones that occur, and maximize your PC's power and longevity.

Coverage includes:

Building a customized PC

Preventing hardware disasters

Upgrading memory

Replacing power supplies

Installing EIDE hard drives

Adding SCSI ports

Partitioning and formatting EIDE and SCSI drives

Protecting your PC from viruses

Solving data backup challenges

Adding and repairing DVDs and CD-ROMs

Troubleshooting printers

Installing communications devices

Upgrading mice and keyboards

Installing video and sound cards

Tackling networking issues

Troubleshooting Internet connectivity

Solving laptop problems

Featured on the CDs

On the first CD, you get over an hour of instructional video featuring PC expert Mark Minasi and his field-proven upgrade and repair techniques. On the second CD, you get over 25 system tune-up and diagnostic tools-utilities that help you monitor and fine-tune your PC's performance, restrict access to programs and data, and recover quickly from disasters. Also includes an exclusive chapter on recovering data and repairing hard drives.

Editorial Review by Amazon:


Rarely does one see a book written with authority and clarity the way this one is. Author Mark Minasi takes information from his experiences as a computer technician (among other things) and explains problems you may encounter. This book is full of sentences that begin, "I once saw ..." or "This happened to me ..." Rather than explain the differences among different kinds of screwdrivers in the beginning of the book, the author gets right to the point by showing how to disassemble a machine and see what's inside. Then, there's a sort of "hall of horrors" for PC components--a section that details how different parts can fail. Quickly, the book moves into explanations of general troubleshooting and problem-solving techniques. The bulk of this book is a series of chapters explaining how to install and fix various components, such as RAM, hard disks, modems, video-capture cards, and audio peripherals. There aren't a lot of illustrations, but most of the ones here are useful.

Minasi wraps up his book with a table of hard drive specifications, manufacturer contact information, and an excellent, lengthy glossary of computer and hardware terms. You'll also find two companion CD-ROMs, one containing video clips of Minasi's lectures and the other containing handy diagnostic software. Taken as a whole, The Complete PC Upgrade and Maintenance Guide, Seventh Edition, is an excellent value. The author does an outstanding job of communicating his ample knowledge to the reader. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

New, this book was $60. Im asking $10 plus shipping.



Next is a COlor Refill kit by NuKute. This was a gift to me, but none of my printers really like refill kits. See the attatched picture.

Im asking $10 OBO plus shipping



PM me for shipping quotes, or offers.

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