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Found 1 result

  1. I have a fairly new HP Envy Laptop with Win10 that I have started to use more often in the last 2 months. I have noticed that there are alot of applications that I never added, files I can't access because I don't have the permission, there seems to be ALOT of user accounts and I only set up myself with an Administrator account when it was purchased new from Best Buy at the end of January. There is now a 2nd Administrator Account but I don't even see it listed on the user accounts page in settings. I have seen event logs that show remote connections but I have NEVER set up anything like that. I also have a ridiculous amount of storage being used considering I haven't saved that much info to my computer. And recently it seems all kinds of new devices have been added to my laptop that I don't recognize and the only thing I have ever added other than my phones, are printers and a wireless mouse. I feel like someone is monitoring my computer and uploading files (video and picture especially) to storage outside my computer. I don't know if it is being done by someone I know, or in my home with access to my computer or someone I don't know who somehow gained access through the network I use. This problem extends to ALL of the other devices I have used, like phones and tablets - they have all been connected to this laptop and have all used the network at one time or another. Another issue that may have contributed to this problem is that my Google accounts have been previously compromised by someone who actually deleted one of the accounts entirely. I don't know what to do, I have tried to add additional security software, cleaning tools, etc to my laptop; I have opened every file I have access to using a variety of file readers (I have only download programs I can get from either Microsoft or CNet), I have deleted and created new accounts, changed my passwords on external accounts like Microsoft, Samsung & Google. I have only one new (email account that hasn't had any problems which is through Protonmail. Someone please help me figure this out - It is so bad now that I don't trust ANYONE at all and I am worried there may be pictures or worse videos from my devices (and life) out on the internet somewhere being viewed by just whoever. At this point anything that was stolen, copied or whatever is done, I can't change that so I guess I could just use the 'Start Fresh' option and reinstall windows and hopefully not lose any of my existing personal files...but I am so pissed off that I really want to know exactly what happened and with any luck who it is (or at least who it isn't). And of course eventually I would like to be able to just safely use my laptop. A million thanks in advance to anyone that might have some time to help me... ***I JUST NOTICED TODAY THAT THE ENTIRE HISTORY OF EVENT LOGS ARE GONE!!! THE ONLY ONES SHOWING ARE VERY RECENT AND I HAVE SAVED ALL 4 TO FILES ATTACHED.*** Reason Event Logs.evtx CxMonSvcSource Event Logs.evtx MicrosoftOfficeAlters Event Logs.evtx WindowsPowerShellEventLogs.evtx