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  1. Wish granted, but your work week is now 10 days long and the radio in your DHL van only picks up some station in Bangladesh.  :blink:

    I wish someone would cook me some dinner.


    Granted, but your dinner consists of brocolli and aspargus..... :blink:

    I wish gas prices would go down now. :(

  2. cheated.... :P

    The pic I posted is an actual radio recovered from my Grandparent's house. The shot is taken from the back of it. Of interest to note is that it needed a large (12 volt, I believe, but am not positive) battery to work properly.......

  3. that is a freaking radio, i know that one. my father have a old radio like that


    Right....a radio purchased in 1940 from Sears & Roebuck... :)

    Sorry about the poor quality pic, but I couldn't resist posting this to see what you guys came up with. I guess this one was too easy.

  4. jcl -

    Thanks, for your reply. By no means did I mean for my last reply to sound smug. Just emphasizing that I'm fully aware of the build process as documented on the page you linked. Their documentation had gotten dated, as I guess you are aware, but they're making progress on most of it.

    I'll double-check what is required against what is on that cd, and give it a whirl.......

  5. if you build the linux version under cygwin..


    Any Unix/Linux build AFAIK will fail without gtk 1 .2+/gtk 2.

    But I'm still curious as to my original question.....Windows/cygwin(on cd!)/vc++.....

    Please post here anyone that tries it. :)

  6. yes can even run kde in it.. its  a little slow on some machines but its a cool factor.

    in anycase its always nice to hae a xserver... you can use it with ssh -X to control your remote boxes

    hae you seen this cd.

    its cygwin on a cd so you don't have to install it. just run it in windows (autorun)

    I haven't checked into this.....

    I would be curious to see if you could build one of the mozilla apps with it, along with vc++.

    I kinda doubt it, for some reason, though. Let me know, anyone if you try this.....:)

  7. It's mostly a DRI issue with the radeon driver.  They were having similar issues with the rage128 driver, but it was fixed in an update.  If you turn off DRI the problems will stop.  Right now I have DRI enabled and only see a problem once in a while, which I can more or less live with.


    This seems to have been resolved somewhere among the updates.

    We have re-enabled dri (in /etc/X11/xorg.conf), and haven't had any freeze-ups.

    I believe it may have been in one of the xorg updates, but not sure which.

    Perhaps uberpenguin can explain this better.....:)