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  1. Types of Electrical Power Cables

    Electric cables are designed for specific applications or requirements. According to these requirements, cable manufacturing companies produce electrical power cables. These cables can be either distributed by overhead transmission lines or by underground systems. Purpose of using power cables is the transmission and distribution of power across the ends. Please contact Omron Factory Automation, It consists of one or more individually insulated conductors, held together by a common outer layer known as sheath. Through this assembly, we can perform the transmission of electrical power.

    Electrical Power Cables can be installed as a permanent wiring system within a building, used underground so we don’t have direct access to the wires, and most commonly used as an overhead power system.

    The above mentioned power systems are used for high efficiency and high power performance. But some cables are much more flexible to use in our portable devices or machinery.

    The efficiency of power cables is designed and manufactured according to the requirements of voltage and current to be carried through. Also the temperature and the application area is considered as the manufacturing factor of power cables.

    The sheath and performance of cables are constructed mainly according to the application. Such as we can’t use a normal wiring system underground because it may fail after some time due to the lack of quality and need regular maintenance. Please check and try earthing and lightning protection That’s why we need a thick, low voltage drop, and low maintenance requiring cable which can bear the ground stress. Similarly, for mining, power cables need extra mechanical strength with multiple sheaths.


  2. How do LED Lights Saves Our Money?

    Before we talk about our main topic, let's understand how LED street lights work.

    LED lights are basically a small piece of semiconductor from which when electricity passes, it emits light as the name LED stands for Light Emitting Diode.

    Comparison with other light sources

    We also use many other types of light sources such as incandescent light bulbs or fluorescent bulbs. To understand the concept of energy saving of LED light, we obviously need to compare other sources of light with it.

    Incandescent Lights

    In incandescent light lamps, light is produced by conversion of electricity into heat and then that heat is converted into visible light. About 90% of the energy in incandescent bulbs get wasted in production of heat. Lifespan of these bulbs is also not good. Average lifespan of incandescent bulbs are from 750 to 2000 hours. And when you spend money on something that won’t last longer, it is not worth it.

    Fluorescent Lights

    In fluorescent light lamps, light is produced by ionization of mercury vapors inside of lamp tubes. When electricity is applied to the lamp, it gives energy to the electrons which then emit light through photons. Fluorescent lamps are however more efficient than incandescent bulbs but they use mercury to produce light which is harmful for the environment. Its lifespan is around 24000 to 36000 hours which is about 4 years maximum.

    Reasons to Buy LEDs

    Now let's talk about LED lights and how they save us money. As other lamps are less efficient in consumption of electricity. led lights are very very efficient with electricity.

    LED lights are cost effective because of these three major reasons

    • Long Life-span

    • Lowest Electricity Consumption

    • More Light Output


    From the above mentioned reasons it is very easy to elaborate the difference between all these technologies and which one is better. Once you buy an LED bulb then you just forget to replace it for a few years. If you’re using lamps other than LEDs, you might use a lot of them. Other technologies use more power and give less output. But on the other hand, LED lights are just the reverse of them. It uses less electricity and gives great output. That’s the reason why every tech company using led lights because they know its worth