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I said I would try it.

I now give Comodo Personal Firewall my 100% approval. I have tested for a month or so now and found it as good if not better than our beloved Sygate. You can find the link in Matt's Commonly Recommended Software, Links, And Tips pinned topic


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Thanks Preston for the effort and all the good info.

However, without any editorial comment on my part, I present =

Yeah I'm Not sold on the COMODO Anti-Virus as of yet but I'm testing it on another machine.

But I stand by the Firewall. I wish I could write all the technical ups and downs but I'm not that well versed I do know it works and work very well with very little system resources and I have seen an increase in surfing speed. While it is a little naggy in the learning stage it is IMHO not as naggy as ZoneAlarm in it's initial stages.

I will give the AntiVirus a few more months to get a seasoned before I pronouce my Opinion on it but I will say safe surfing habits in place you should be more than safe with it.

Good seeing your post friend


Dave "Chappy" if you read this I allso want to shout out to you my old friend.

Much Love Bro.

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