Machine Thinks I Have Two Os's

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hello folks, I recently wanted to re-install Windows XP on a drive that had only 10 of 30Gigabytes partitioned, so I put the CD in and asked it to partition that area, expecting it to then wait for me to come back and choose which partition to put a fresh copy of XP on, but it didn't, but continued to install XP without my say so, and I ended up with the OS on E:, which I did not want.

My solution was to let the machine install another copy to C:, and then to format E: from within Windows.

It seemed straightforward enough, but now, when I boot, I get two operating systems on the bootup menu, one of which is bogus of course.

Can anyone tell me how to get rid of the unwanted line or must I start all over again? :(

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hi gracie

thats good to know as i havent had to of the same

at the same time

the tip is good to know


ahh! found it! Go to msconfig - boot.ini - advanced and the system identifies the invalid path and asks if you want to delete. Sorted



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