First Day Of College!

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Well I today is the first day of classes for the Fall semester at CSCC and the first class, US History, is over (8-9:15) and my next class, English Comp I, doesn't start until 12:30, which explains why I am home. Then right after it at 2:00, I have Pre Calculus. I hate math. Tommorrow I got another class, Macroeconomics, and it's my only class. It starts at like 9:30. Then Wednesday I have the same as today. Thursday I'm excited about. I have economics again but from 2-5 I have PC Systems Support. I think you can be A+ certified through this class. It's a PC Repair class, AWESOME! Then Friday......Nothing. I gotta work 11-8. Gotta work 4-8 tonight and wednesday.

I was kinda freaked out a little but then I found my friends Darrold and JP were in my History class and this class is just like high school. Now I feel pretty good. Of Course my English and PreCal are back to back. So when English ends at 1:45 I gotta walk clear across the campus to PreCal that starts at 2.

Well just felt like letting ya'll know I'm a college boy now and I'm doing fine so far. Let's just hope it stays this way.

P.S. just like high school the wrong room number was on the schedule for my first class so we all had to go upstairs to the correct room.

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My schedule for my senior year of high school is jam packed. I'm taking 5 periods a day (normal people take 4, but I'm coming to school an hour early to take AP Physics) plus I have AP BC Calculus year round. I don't anticipate too much free time in the near future!

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